If you are a student

To access the courses for your speciality you must:

  1. Be logged in with the username you have on computers of the network of VSU and password that you used when first accessing a computer in this network.

  2. On the Edit profile page that is displayed when you first log in, fill in your e-mail address.

  3. Click the "Update profile" button and a message is displayed saying you have to open your e-mail.

  4. Check your email and open the web address that you received.

  5. When you return to the site if you can't go to other page exept the Edit profile page of your account, click on the link "Logout" and log in again.

  6. Once you have confirmed the validity of your email address immediately change the password for the first log in with a new one on the page that opens from the "Administration" - "My profile settings" - "Change Password".

  7. When logged in, on the home page you will see the courses for the current academic year of your studies if any on the site.

Teachers of different disciplines will give you more information on how to use the site in their disciplines. For questions and assistance, contact them.

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 9:19 PM